Winter in Toledo is cold and dry, with occasional snow that rarely accumulates. Temperatures at night can dip well below zero, and this is the slowest season for tourists, which means the lowest rates on accommodations and attractions. Tourism picks up during the spring, with long, warm days and cool nights. Fall is also very pleasant, with a slight increased chance of rain. And during summer, temperatures soar, along with the crowds of visitors. Expect very hot weather during July and August, frequently topping 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the day, and not cooling much at night. August is also when most of the locals leave town for their own vacations.  

If you’re going to be in town during Corpus Christi , which is celebrated 9 weeks after Easter, be sure to plan ahead. This popular festival is the biggest in Toledo , as hordes of observers make a solemn, religious procession along a thickly decorated route shouldering the 350-pound Monstrance. If you plan to watch the activities from street-side seats, you need reserve your spot ahead of time. In addition to the procession, Toledo celebrates with a week of festivities, including concerts, shows, and sporting events. If you are going to visit during this time, make your hotel reservations way in advance.