Santander’s climate is frequently referred to as mild or moderate.  There are no extreme highs during the summer and no freezing lows during the winter.  This means that it is comfortable, in terms of temperature at least, to visit the area at any time of the year.  However, travelers should be aware that it is a relatively rainy location, and the rain can sometimes irritate visitors who are coming from drier climates.  Such visitors should try to travel to Santander during the summer which is the time when it is least likely to rain there.  Even summer visitors should prepare for some rain.

Travelers will also find that summer is the best time to head to the area in terms of things to do there.   Most of the annual events in the area which are of interest to tourists take place at that time of year.   (See for more information.)   The tourist information center ( ) maintains later hours during this time to meet the needs of the influx of travelers.

Detailed information about Santander ’s climate, including visual charts depicting the annual temperature and rainfall of the area, is available online at .   Updated weather information including short term (week long or less) forecasts can be found online at CNN Weather .