There are pros and cons to visiting Puerto de la Cruz at different times of year. If you visit during the winter, you are going during the worst months weatherwise, but you will also have a chance to be there for the best parties of the year. In

Although the winter, can be unpredictable, it can range from complete downpouring for a week to sunshine all week. It is simply hit or miss and no one can predict it. Even with the chances of rain, it will be warm, but not unbearably so. The nice thing about the rain, however, is that is causes everything on the island to be extremely green and lush. It is beautiful to see. Often refered to as the island of eternal Spring. With many Spring flowers blooming all year round.

The advantage of visiting during February-March is that you will be there during Carnival Time, one of the oldest and best in Tenerife, the craziest time of year in Puerto de le Cruz, for locals and visitors alike. If you like partying, this is the time to go. If you go in the summer you will be getting the best weather. It is most consistent at this time of year, but it can also get quite hot. Another draw back is that this is when a lot of people take vacations and the city swells considerably. Crowds are everywhere and it can be hard to get into hotels and restaurants.