Loro Parque (Parrot Park) is one of the main tourist attractions in Tenerife and the theme park is located in Puerto de la Cruz. The former German Ambassador to Thailand was Wolfgang Kiessling. After leaving Thailand, he was invited by a friend to Tenerife. He saw the whole island and decided to settle in Puerto de la Cruz. He decided to build Loro Parque as a theme park based on parrots. Today he owns 4000 parrots of 350 species and beside the park he has a space for breeding the birds and saving them from extinction. The park was finished in 1972 and has grown through the years. Today it occupies a space of 135,000 square meters.

There is a zoo now that is one of the biggest in the world. There is a penguinarium, which houses many species of penguins. There is a big aquarium. There are dolphins, California sea lions, gorillas, tigers, chimpanzees, and four orcas (killer whales). There are four very entertaining shows, one of the sea lions, another for the parrots, another for the dolphins, and the last for the orcas. Some of the buildings come from Thailand and are made of exotic woods. There is a foundation to take care of the animals and to breed them. The park has received many awards in the past and employs many people.     

Website: http://www.loroparque.com/