Driving is not necessary in Tenerife, because the public transportation system ( www.titsa.com ) travels to all areas of the island and is efficient and inexpensive.   However, for those people wishing to drive or ride around the island, both taxis and rental cars are an option.

Taxis are easy to obtain in Tenerife.   Fares are supposed to be standardized, but locals warn that drivers often try to take advantage of tourists by charging higher rates.   Visitors should ask drivers about rates before accepting the ride.   Standard per-kilometre rates for visitors to know about include:
  • Standard rate: $0.40
  • Daytime flag down: $1.70
  • Night time and special event rates: $2.10
  • Call out charge $0.40
  • Baggage charge: $0.35 per bag

It should be noted that these are rates for one to two persons, with fees being higher for more passengers.   Additionally, there are traffic/waiting time fees and rates are higher in the Adeje area.  

Rental cars can also be obtained at either airport serving Tenerife where a number of big name rental car companies can be found. Note that some of the discount companies (Cicar, Goldcar) use a policy of pre-payment for fuel, meaning you need to pay for a full tank of fuel when picking up the vehicle, and being allowed to return the car with an (almost) empty tank. If you are not going to drive a full tank's worth, this can add up to a significant additional cost of the rental.

NB, Orlando car hire is situated some distance from the airport, customers being ferried to and from the terminal by mini-bus (and so having to wait for all the passengers to arrive.