The weather in Tenerife stays moderate throughout the year, making it a perfect travel destination for those visitors seeking a winter holiday hot spot as well as for those travelers who are planning trips which coincide with spring and summer breaks from school and work.  

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The busy season in Tenerife is generally in the winter, with December through February being the peak travel months.  The bulk of tourists coming at this time are those seeking to get away from their cold homes in other parts of the world, and the crowd tends to be an older crowd, established enough in their professions to be able to get away at this time of year.  There is another busy season in Tenerife during the summer months, from approximately May through October, and this busy season is comprised of a younger crowd, with a mixture of college-age kids and young families making up the bulk of the tourists.  The months between these two busy seasons are considered the off-season and are probably the best travel times for those looking to visit Tenerife at discounted rates.