The culture of Tenerife is primarily that of the Spanish which control the area.  However, Tenerife culture is also heavily influenced by the Guanches tribal culture which originally inhabited the island, the rich history and traditions of the Canary Islands as a whole, and the travel culture which has become increasingly important to the area in recent years.

The island of Tenerife was originally inhabited by the ancient, and now extinct, tribal culture known as the Guanches.   The Guanches were a primitive people with a complex way of life, including a system of polyandry for (in which women took multiple husbands) and an autocratic government.   It is believed that women were highly respected in this culture, and this can be seen today in the culture of Tenerife. More information on the Guanches, including famous people of this culture, is available at .  

Tenerife was conquered by the Spanish, which is where the primary influence on the culture of the area derives from.  The Spanish culture is a machismo culture which interacts interestingly with the importance of women in the Guanches culture.  Primarily, this interaction has been one in which the dominant male culture sublimated the female culture until very recent years.  In recent years, interest in women’s rights, along with the rights of minorities, has grown strong in the area and attention to the female-centered and minority-based original culture of the area has grown strong.  This creates a dynamic energy in the area and makes it a hotspot for literature, academia and the arts.