So you want to get away from the “everything with chips” menus and try something authentic but once in the restaurant/bar you haven’t a clue what you are going to be eating.

Tapas are finger foods, served in bars and cafes all day long, and these bars are often crowded with locals.

When ordering a sit-down tapas meal, you can order in three sized

a porcion (small serving)
media racion (medium serving)
a racion (large serving.)

Below are a few of the popular tapas that you might want to either try or avoid depending on your taste buds. Tapas are usually washed down with wine or beer.

Any meat items that say "Iberian" or "Iberico" refers to the black pig of Spain. This meat is always more expensive.

Alitas de pollo
- chicken wings
Alcachofa y anchoa - an anchovy skewered onto half an artichoke on a bed of lettuce
Asadura en manteca - chitterlings in lard (tripe)
Atun - tuna
Boquerones - anchovies small filleted fish in vinaigrette.
Calamares fritos - fried squid
Camembert frito - Mouth-watering fried camembert served with a fruit conserve. 
Carne mechada - sliced cold beef
Caña de lomo - pork loin fillet
Caña de lomo Iberica - Iberian pork loin fillet 
Carne con tomate - pork chunks cooked in tomato sauce
Chipirones - Small squids brushed with oil and griddled on a hot plate
Chicharrones - chunks of cooked pork and crackling 
Chopitos Fritos - Tiny squids with a crispy batter coating
Churros de pescado - Small goujons of white fish in herby batter.
Chorizo casero
- homemade spicy, cured sausage  
Chorizo Iberico - Iberian pork, spicy cured sausage
Chorizo en manteca - cured spicy sausage in lard
Choped - cooked ham
Croquetas - Simple bread-crumbed croquettes normally filled with potato and, or fish. 
Empanadas are small turnovers made from meat or fish 
Ensaladilla russa - boiled potato, green beans, tuna, boiled egg, mayonnaise 
Ensalada delicia - crab sticks, peppers, onions and tomato in oil/water
Ensalada mixta - mixed salad 
Ensalada de la casa - mixed salad of the house 
Flan is a caramel custard dessert
Fritura variada - mixture fried fish 
Filete de cerdo con patatas - pork fillet with chips 
Filete de pollo con patatas - chicken fillet with chips
Gambas al ajillo - Sizzling clay pot of prawns flavoured with sliced garlic and chillies
Garbanzos - A chickpea stew flavoured with garlic and ham
Gueldes - Tiny fish fried in flour
Gazpacho - cold soup of blended tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers
Jamon cocido - boiled ham slices 
Jamon Iberico - Iberian cured ham thinly sliced. 
Jamon Serrano - cured ham thinly sliced 
Lapas - Limpets in a half shell drizzled with oil, fresh coriander and garlic. 
Lomito a la plancha - small piece of grilled pork loin 
Lomo en manteca - large chunks of pork in lard 
Paella - always includes rice and saffron, and is cooked with various other ingredients such as seafood, sausage, beans, and vegetables
Papas arrugadas - Literally wrinkled potatoes. Tasty, salty little potatoes which are an island speciality. They’re always accompanied by mojo verde (a slightly spicy coriander sauce) and mojo rojo (a spicier red sauce flavoured with chillies).

Patatas y atun - sliced boiled potatoes with tuna, onion and oil 

Patatas alioli - chunks of boiled potatoes in garlic, mayonnaise 
Pavo cocido - cooked turkey slices 
Pimientos asado y cebolla - roasted red pepper slices with onion
Pimientos de Padrón - Delicious little green peppers fried in olive oil and sprinkled with rock salt.
Puntillitas - baby squid
Queso curado - very strong mature sheep's cheese in olive oil 
Queso - cheese 
Rosada frita o a la plancha - red hake fried or grilled 
Salchichon casero - homemade salami type sausage 
Salchichon Iberico - Iberian pork salami type sausage 
Salmarejo - a version of gazpacho that includes bread 
Tequeños - Small fried pastry sticks filled with chees
Torilla Espanol - Chunky slice of cake made from potato, onion and egg and normally served with alioli.
Tortilla Francesa - plain omelette 
Variado Iberico - various cold Iberian pork products

Tapas will be cheaper if you eat them standing at the bar. Look for places that are crowded with locals, and muscle your way in. The various tapas usually are displayed on or in the bar; just point to what you want, and it will be served to you. Everything is on the honour system.