There are hundreds of cafes and restaurants in Tenerife where you can relax on the terrace and people watch with a cup of coffee or other beverage but as you look round there are so many drinks that look delicious but unrecognisable to the average Brit on holiday. 

So what are you looking at and what do you order.  Listed below are some of the most common drinks that you might like to try.

Coffee Coffee is always freshly ground and filtered. What coffee do they serve? Well, a lot depends on the milk content.

Black Coffee
Café solo –  small espresso, without milk and very strong.
Café doble – double espresso, without milk and very strong.
Café largo – an espresso with extra water passed through the filter, without milk.
Americano – Espresso diluted with an equal portion of hot water.

White Coffee
Café con leche – The most popular form of coffee in Spain. Espresso with steamed milk added almost half and half proportionally.
Café cortado – Espresso with a drop of milk.  This is usually ordered after lunch or dinner.
Café manchado – A little coffee and a lot of milk. This is basically coffee–spotted milk.
Café descafeinado de maquina – decaffeinated filter coffee.
Café descafeinado de sobre – a glass of hot milk and a packet of instant decaf. If you want hot water and not milk then you can ask for "café descafeinado de sobre, con agua, no leche".
Café con hielo – A glass with ice cubes and a cup of coffee. Simply add your sugar and then pour over the ice.
Cortado Leche Leche – Or just plain old Leche, Leche basically, a dollop of condensed milk at the bottom of the small glass, over which is poured the coffee and then the rest of the glass is filled with hot milk. The condensed milk stays at the bottom (until you stir it). Leche is Spanish for milk, so the repetition of the word refers to the two types of milk in the drink.

Note: This type of coffee is very moreish so if you go to the mainland you don’t order a Leche, Leche but a Cortado Condensado and just to complicate things if you are in the Alicante region it is a Cafe Bonbon.

Alcoholic Coffee – For the grown–ups!
Café Carajillo
espresso spiked with liquor (often brandy, anis or whiskey). Popular amongst men who, a short time earlier, were operating dangerous power–tools.
Barraquito (in the south) / Zaperoco (in the north)– This is no ordinary coffee; it is a special Tenerife Coffee and something you really must try.  This is a leche y leche, with the addition of a quarter ounce of Cuarenta y Tres – Spanish Citrus Liqueur and a minute chunk of lemon.

A Barraquito - showing all the different layers.

Tea  Unlike the UK, tea drinking is not a great tradition in Spain, but there are some infusions that are quite popular.
Té – tea.
Té con limon – tea with a slice of lemon.
Té con un poco de leche fria – tea with a little cold milk.
Té Solo (or con nada) – tea with nothing added.
Infusion de tila – lime flower herbal tea.
Infusion de manzanilla – chamomile herbal tea.
Infusion de poleo–menta – mint herbal tea.
Té Rojo – Red tea.
Té Verde – Green tea.
Té de Fruta – Fruit tea.

Each tea or coffee is server with one packet of white sugar (Azucar) as standard.
Edulcorante – Artificial sweetener may be available, in either a sachet or click pack container. If you do not see it, ask for it.
Azucar Moreno – Occasionally brown sugar may be available, but you will have to ask for it.

Milk Drinks
Chocolate caliente – hot chocolate.
Batido de fresa – strawberry milkshake.
Batido de chocolate – chocolate milkshake.
Batido de vainilla – vanilla milkshake.

Cold Drinks
Agua sin gas – natural spring water.
Agua con gas – carbonated spring water.
Zumo de naranja – orange juice.
Zumo de manzana – apple juice.
Fanta naranja – fizzy orange.
Tonica – tonic water.
Coca–cola Normal/Coca-Cola Lite – Coca–cola.

Beer, Wine, Sangria
Una cerveza – a beer.
Una cerveza sin – alcohol free beer.
Una clara – shandy, half beer half lemonade.
Un vino blanco – white wine.
Un vino tinto – red wine.
Un vino rosa – rose wine.
Una botella de vino tinto – bottle of red wine.
Un vaso de vino blanco – glass of white wine.
Tinto de verano – summer red (half red wine, half lemonade, over ice)
Sangria – red wine punch, includes lemonade, brandy, fruit juice and fruit. Liqueur
Orujo de hierbas
– sweet, green/yellow, liqueur with a flowery taste.
Ponche Caballero – sweet orange brandy liqueur.
Pacharan – sloe fruit liqueur, excellent for settling the stomach.
Manzana – apple liqueur.

Other useful Terms
Un vaso de agua – a glass of water.
Una copa de vino – a glass of wine.
Con hielo – with ice.
Sin hielo – without ice.
Fria – cold.
Una lata – a can.
Una botella – a bottle.
Una jarra – a jug.
Una botella mas grande – a larger bottle.
Una botella mas pequeña – a smaller bottle.

To have a smaller amount, order un chupito (shot glass), this is often the best way if you simply want to sample some of the above, as measures in Tenerife are at the discretion of the waiter and he just might fill a large glass to the brim!