Lanzarote is a great place to relax. There is almost always a constant breeze to keep you from overheating.

Lanzarote is also a great place to explore - it has many natural features which are unique. These include

  • Jameos del Agua and the Cueva de los Verdes caves both formed from the Volcano eruptions of centuries past. While Jameos del Aqua is a fascinating mixture of natural beauty and Manriques artistic talent, the Cuevas de los Verdes (named that way not because they are green but because they were owned by a family of that name) allow you to walk deep into the volcanic caverns and really appreciate their extraordinary nature. 
  • The wine region La Geria is also worth a visit. The landscape here has undergone a man-made transformation to allow vines to grow in Socos (small semicircular walls) protected from the constant wind. There are also many great excursions on offer in the main resorts.  
  • A visit to the Timanfaya Volcano National Park is a must with its moonscape, see the geothermal demonstrations with earth, fire and water.  See the totally original way in which the meat for the restaurant is cooked, a barbeque nothing strange about that you may think until you see that the source of the heat is from the Volcano itself.
  • Famara on the North West Coast, of particular interest to surfers due to the height and strength of the surf, apart from the largest continuous beach on the island it has dunes to escape the winds and give privacy.  The views over to the neighbouring islands are spectacular especially on a clear day. 

The coastal area between El Golfo and the Salinas de Janubio offers a picturesque view of the rugged western coastline (best experienced by car).

Lanzarote is a truly unique place with a barren but, at the same time, beautiful landscape.

This can be best enjoyed at a slow pace - so it's worth thinking about taking a guided walk.

If you're looking for a great-secluded beach, try the PAPAGAYO Beaches. Head for the port at Playa Blanca, turn left, and follow the signposts.  You eventually head across some rough ground, pay the attendant at the barrier 3 Euros, and head  across more barren land towards a hill top car park.
There is then a reasonably steep walk down the side of a hill to the secluded bay, but it's worth the walk.
There are also a couple of cafes at the top of the hill serving food and drink.
If you wish to avoid the walk, get the 'Princess Yaiza' Taxi Boat at Playa Blanca. On the trip they will stop just off from the beach and, using the boats smaller dingy, will drop you off at the beach and pick you up later.
Be warned though, there is absolutely no shade on the beach, and you do 'bump into' the occasional nudist! You will also be unable to escape the highly diverse and interesting work of  Cesar Manrique. This island born artist and architect was instrumental in ensuring that development on Lanzarote was relatively constrained.  He also created the island´s major tourist attractions, such as the Mirador del Rio, the Jardin de Cactus and the Monumento del Campesino. The former home of Manrique, now the César Manrique Foundation, is also well worth a visit (and will make you wish that you were living a house like that). Lag-o-mar at Calle Los Loros, 2, Nazaret, is the house that Omar Sharif had designed for him by Cesar Manrique and famously lost in a card game in the 1970's. Open daily to the public. See Top 10 Lanzarote Attractions