Cathedral of Santa Ana

The Cathedral of Santa Ana in Las Palmas is located at the Plaza Santa Ana. This church is the most important artistic monument in the Canary Islands. The forces of the Catholic Kings conquered the Island of Gran Canaria in 1478 and the Catholic Kings wanted to have a Cathedral built on the island. The building of the church started in 1500 and this continued into the 19th century. Because of the prolonged construction of the church, the church has several different styles.

The first style was Gothic and the architect was Juan de Palacios. Three naves in the Gothic style were built, and all of the naves are of the same height. The vaults of the transept have elaborate stonework and the architects responsible for this were Martin de Barea and Pedro de Narea. The columns have interesting palm shapes. 

The Renaissance style can be found in the design of the Puerta del Aire (the Door of air) and this was constructed in 1585. After this the construction was interrupted for several centuries. The Neoclassic façade was started in 1781 and finished in the 19th century, and was the work of the architects Diego Nicolas Eduardo and Jose Lujan Perez. The ground plan of the church follows the Latin cross plan. The church has a total of 13 chapels and there is an organ in the church too. On each side of the altar there are beautiful pulpits. Works of art in the church are a Christ and a Virgen de los Dolores by Jose Lujan Perez. There is a Diocesan Museum in the south wing.