Sardina borders on a wonderful old mountain that looks just like a sleeping elephant.  Nearby is another mountainous formation known as the Dragon’s tail.

Sardina is ten minutes from the ferry to the other islands, and an hour or so from the casinos and the resorts of the south. It is close to shopping in Galdar and 10 minutes from a  rocking disco if you feel like dancing, any night till the early hours of the morning.

Many people hike to the Faro, the lighthouse at the north western corner of the island, it is beautiful and rugged and very old. There are a number of piers and places for the best fishing.

In a neighbouring village is Parque Norte, a small zoo with a banana plantation that the whole family can visit. A ten minute drive leads you to Galdar and the Cueva Pintada (painted cave), hundreds and hundreds of years old painted by the aboriginal Guanche people, filled with colored frescos.

Beaches are sandy, safe and clean. A perfect spot for the family. Scuba dive, boggie board, swim, fish, hike, feast  and dance. The waves are big enough to thrill the kids with their boogie boards and still small enough to jump into.

Experience  truly Canarian restaurants with homemade mojo sauce and Spanish tortillas. The fresh fish is the best on the island, caught right there and prepared by the local chefs.

Enjoy unbelievable sunsets every night and the cliffs for para sailing and photographers are unsurpassed.

The best kept secret of the Canary Islands is Sardina del Norte