Spending a day shopping in Ciudadela as part of a vacation to the island of Minorca can be an enjoyable experience.  The town is full off all types of shops, accessible on foot, which sell everything from designer clothes, jewelry, perfumes, and locally made products and souvenirs. A pleasurable shopping jaunt can be had in the vicinity of the Cathedral. The area's shops are also surrounded by several small cafés which are ideal for stopping and taking a rest from walking and the hot sun.  During the summer tourist season most shops have extended hours and stay open until fairly late at night, some however do close for a few hours in the afternoon for the traditional Spanish siesta.  There are also many which do not. 

Ciudadela, like many of the towns on the island, also has traditional food markets which sell many products local to the island.  Pastries, olives, sausages, and fresh and dried peppers are all items commonly found.  These markets would be a great place to pick up items for a picnic beach lunch or just to browse to get a sense of local flavor. 

The official currency used in Ciudadela, as in all of Spain, is the Euro.  Many shops also accept credit cards.