The history of Majorca makes for an interesting read. Dating all the way back to 3,000 B.C., it will take a book or two to get acquainted with the real history of this Belaric island. To take a stab at the history of Majorca, try "A Mediterannean Emporium: The Catalan Kingdom of Majorca" by David Abulafia.

For an up close look at the architecture of the beautiful houses on Majorca, the book "Houses and Palaces of Majorca" by Mariella Carracciolo will leave you wanting to buy one for yourself. More great photos and history can be found in "Majorca: The Art of Living" by Solvi de Santos and Lanning Aldrich.

"Snowball Oranges" is a charming tale of a Scottish family who throws the towel in on their Scottish, bitter winter, and makes home under the Majorcan sun. "Paradise Not Lost: Living the Dream on a Spanish Island" by Chuck Maisel will inspire as well. Maisel tells the tale of his fantasy turned reality on Majorca Island.

If you're in need of an extensive map try The Rough Guide to Mallorca by Rough Guides and for an extensive guide with a lot of cultural notes, "Inside Guide: Mallorca and Ibiza Menorca" is a great pick.