Formentera, like every other holiday destination in the world, has changed. On the one hand you would certainly expect some changes and there may have been greater changes elsewhere in Spain and around the world in that time.

The August period on the island can get really busy but in the early and late season it has a quiet and laid back feel.

The season lasts from Easter (but it may still be very quiet then depending on when Easter falls), to October.

Illetes itself (once a quiet, beautiful, mostly naturist beach (FKK listed)) is busy in August but  a few metres across the peninsula is the beautiful beach of Llevant, always with plenty of space on it's long stretch of clean sand. Naturism is accepted everywhere and there is a healthy mixture of people with and without clothes on the beaches. The bay (named after the small islands in it) is busy with boats, many out from Ibiza for the day. Also, the very welcome (environmentally) restrictions on passage through the sand dunes has concentrated visitors into small car parks for scooters and cars. When they are full, access to the area is then only by foot or bicycle. A local bus service takes visitors from Sa Savina and Es Pujols to the beach.

The prices being charged in the near-beach bar/restaurants can be on the high side but elsewhere on the island the wide selection of restaurants offer  an excellent variety of dishes at very reasonable prices. Spain is not as cheap as it used to be, and the Baleares in general have long been relatively expensive, but it seems the response to big yachts in the bay has been to increase the prices in the restaurants on Illetes, the answer is to eat elsewhere. 

You can still find  places where you can feel comfortable on the beach, many areas are still a naturist paradise and some very good, reasonably priced restaurants. The wilder parts of the island are still as beautiful and it is easy to get away from the noise and bustle to a quiet cove or secluded beach.

The National and Regional Governments are protecting Formentera  and the dune protection work is impressive and although building continues it is strictly controlled and only allowed in areas of permitted development.

Much of the island has now been designated as a National Park.

So, whilst August is busy, you will find that at any other time, the island is a beautiful and un-spoilt paradise with fabulous beaches and crystal-clear water which welcomes naturists and non-naturists equally. There are many excellent restaurants on Formentera which are reasonably priced. (nobody who knows the island considers the Illetes area to be typical of the rest of Formentera).

 You should take the opportunity to visit Formentera if you can, it is a truly beautiful place with islanders who will give you a warm welcome.