The San Sebastian Film Festival is held each year in late September in San Sebastian-Donostia, Spain with movies being shown at several theatres in and around the town.  The festival shows films made by new and upcoming filmmakers as well as some more experienced ones from Spain, Latin America, and Europe.  In the past the festival has featured the work of such famous directors as Federico Fellini and is known to draw many notable actors.   Awards are offered for best film, best director, best actor and actress, as well as for the best photography and screenplay.  The event is widely covered in the Spanish and European press and draws many visitors to San Sebastian each year.  Tickets to the festival for individuals or groups are available on the festival's website, which is available in English as well as Spanish.  Film makers who are interested in showing a film at the festival will also find official rules and entry guidelines on the site.  The website gives a brief history of the festival as well as provides access to archives from past festivals. 2006 will mark the film festival's 54th year.  The 2006 festival dates are September 21 -30.  See the website for more details.