San Sebastian is a popular summer destination for Spanish families, as the weather there stays cool and pleasant while the rest of Spain can get very hot and uncomfortable.  Perhaps the largest family attraction in the city are its beaches.  The city has three beaches:  Ondarretta, La Zurriola, and La Concha, all of which get very crowded in the summer.  A fourth beach, located on Santa Clara Island in La Concha Harbor, is also quite popular.  Beach goers can take a ferry to Santa Clara from La Concha.  All of San Sebastian's beaches have public facilities and changing areas and are patrolled by life guards.

San Sebastian is also the host of many public festivals that are popular with families, the city holding at least one every month.  During June the city celebrates the official beginning of summer with its San Juan Night festival featuring bonfires.  In July there is a jazz festival and in August a fireworks competition.  A full listing of San Sebasatian's festivals by month is available at Ideal Spain.