San Sebastian-Donostia is a splendid seaside town on Spain’s Basque coast. The city sits on a graceful shell-shaped harbor - La Kontxa in Basque - and is, by day, a beach town. In the early evening, the entire town turns out for a stroll along the promenade by the beach. And San Sebastian-Donostia offers a Spanish-style night life that is friendly and delightfully alien to an American visitor. At night  the old part of town, in around the Plaza de la Constitución, simply sparkles, pulses. And as the night darkens, everybody is out and about in the streets, complete families with children in strollers.  The old town is filled with pintxos bars, where tourists and locals alike order fizzy Basque txokolina - a light, lemony white wine - and tapas - the appetizer-sized snacks called pintxos in Basque.