Church of the Sacred Heart

The Church of the Sacred Heart is located at Canciller Ayala, 3. It is also called the Residence of Jesuit Priests. It is part of the Residencia de San Ignacio of the Jesuits. The Jesuits wanted to build their own church and this was started in 1889 and finished the next year and consecrated. The style is Neo-Gothic. Later the towers were built without spires. The architect was Jose Maria Basterra y Madariaga, one of the foremost architects in Bilbao of that time. He used profuse decoration in the interior and used polychrome with vivid colors, which lends itself to an exotic oriental look. The façade has three levels. On the top level there is a rose window under a pediment. On the sides are found the two towers. There are three naves and the main nave is wider and higher than the lateral naves. The central nave measures 40 meters long and is 20 meters high. The vaults are painted with a sky blue color. The vaults of the lateral naves are painted green and has stars. There is no crossing in the church. The apse is heptagonal. The furniture is very modern and in the Neo-Gothic style. The main altarpiece is dedicated to the Sacred Heart and beside it are altars dedicated to Christ of the Agony and the Sacred Family. The stained glass windows were made in Germany.