Alava, Guipuzcoa and Viscaya constituite the Basque or Pais Vasco. Since the 19th century, the three provinces have been the centers of great economic development. It is a rare region in Spain due to its mysterious origins in history and to its strategic geographical situation in the peninsula that pushed ancient Basques to navigate and know lands as far as Terranova and Greenland promoting the region's cultural and social diversity. Add to that, their unique language: Euskera, a non-romanic language and, supossedlly, Europe's oldest language. 

The Basque main cities are:

- San Sebastian/Donostia in Guipuzcoa; tahnks to its beautiful beaches and magnificent architecture, it has been a popular holiday resort, visited by members of royal families since 19th century and celebrities. It is wordly known for its prestigious International Film Festival that attracts every year the most daring fictional and documentary films from all over the world.

- Bilbao in the province of Vizcaya. A legendary city, with more than seven centuries of history, has undergone in the last decades a profound economic and cultural modernization. A landmark of this transformation was the building of the Guggenheim Museum, their gateway  to the 21st century.

- Vitoria-Gasteiz in Alava. Of Medieval origin, Vitoria-Gasteiz is the capital of the Basque.