The range known as the "Picos De Europa" of Northern Spain (encompassing the regions of Asturias, Cantabria and Leon) is a delightful and relatively quiet range offering many high and lower level walks, unforgettable for the scenery, flora, fauna and charming villages where life appears to be little unchanged by the wonders of modern technology. Food is also a highlight of the region, especially its cheeses, fish from the crystal clear rivers and streams and its famous "fabada" a pot of white beans, delightful Asturian chorizo and ham.

The Cares Gorge walk is a great, mid level walk, about 16 km. The best time to walk it is May or September, as mid Summer can be too hot and too crowded. The walk was mostly carved on the mountain side to service the channels that fed a Hydroelectric Power Station built in the early 20th century. Therefore, it is safe (the riskiest points have handrails) and quite level. 

It can be started at either end, Poncebos in Asturias or Cain in Leon.  The majority of people start in Poncebos, as it is more accessible from Asturias and Cantabria, and if you are planning on walking there and back (around 7-8 hours) as most do, then there is a bar/shop in Cain to buy food half way (there is nothing in Poncebos).  This does however result in huge traffic and parking problems in the height of August and Easter (expect to have to walk a kilometre or more from your car to the start if you arrive late morning).  Starting in Cain has less problems, and and if you are only doing the walk in one direction, then you will be mostly doing it downhill (although the only real place this is of interest is right at the Poncebos end).  It is recommended to do the full walk, there and back, from whichever end you start, as the views are completely different going each way, and there is so much to see.

The views are magnificent and you get a chance to see the native mountain goats and mountain deer (rebecos) and the local eagles and vultures.