Taxis are cheap and plentiful in Seville. Cabs wait outside the major hotels and shopping centres and can be hailed on the street. When free, they show a green light on top. You can also call the taxis of course from your hotel or restaurant. For moving between the hotels and the major sights of the City, you would rarely have to part with more than Euro 5-6. Drivers don't expect a tip, and are grateful if you just round up to the nearest Euro - they seem very grateful if you add a Euro or two. If you are there at the time of the Feria, things will be understandably a little more difficult. Just relax and watch the interesting people. During Feria, you might also have to pay a modest surcharge because it is a public holiday period. There's a bit of dead period after lunch when you might have to wait for some time, but people seem quite polite about  forming an impromptu queue. If you see people who look like they're waiting, just ask and take your turn. Taxis to/from the airport are at a fixed price (about Euro 20). If the hotel calls a taxi to pick you up, expect to add about Euro 4 additional if the taxi has to wait on you to come out.  Again, you might have a little wait at the airport at busy times.

Do NOT rent a car in Sevilla. The roads are very complicated. Taxis are a much better option for long distances. Though most of the city is walkable.

However, if Sevilla is the starting point for a driving holiday around Andalusia, car rental companies are plentiful here. A good company that ties up with sveral hotels including Eurostars Regina Hotel and Simon Hotel is Platinum Car ( / 955 114 596 / 672 046 511). This is a small, local outfit, that is either still or was in the past a subcontractor for the larger and more expensive Eurocar. They offer great service, the same as the larger car rental agencies, and are flexible.