Seville has a well organized city bus system making stops along most of the city's main streets known as the Autobús Urbano  and is run by the company Tussam  Rides cost 1.40€ (2015 price) each way when you pay on the bus. Bonobus ticket blocks are no longer sold, but you can buy a pass.  One day, 3 day, refillable, and monthly passes are available. The refillable pass is called the Tarjeta Multiviaje. It costs 1.50€ for the card (this is a refundable deposit) and a minimum fill-up of 7€. Refills are also 7€ minimum. There are two types: Con Transbordo (with transfer) or Sin Transbordo (without transfer).  You pass the card over a meter in the bus, .69€ is deducted from your card. When you transfer, if you have the Con Transbordo pass, another .10€ is deducted. If you have the Sin Transbordo pass, another full .69€ is deducted. So you might as well get the Con Transbordo pass to begin with! Tickets and passes can be purchased at many kiosks (grey with 'prensa' sometimes written on them), news stands, stores, and hotels.  Schedules and route maps are available where tickets are sold as well as at the Tussam website..

There are two main bus stations; Estacion Prado de San Sebastian which serves destinations to and from the south of Seville such as the Cadiz province and the Plaza de Armas serving destinations to the north and east of the city and into Portugal including all points on the Algarve and right up to Lisbon. The airport bus (route EA) stops at the main train station (Santa Justa) and both bus stations. Travellers moving between these two main bus stations in Sevilla can use the regular C4 local bus service.