Church of Santa Ana

The Church of Santa Ana is located at Calle Santa Ana, in the Barrio of Triana. This is the oldest church in Seville and was constructed by architects from Burgos between 1276 and 1280. King Alfonso X founded the church. Most of the church was constructed during the time of Pedro I in the 14th century. There were other modifications to the church in the 15th and 16th centuries, as well as after the strong earthquake of 1755. The walls of the outside of the church has several ceramic tile murals showing Christ and the Virgin Mary in different stations of the cross. Inside the church the main altarpiece has sculptures by Nufro de Ortega and Nicolas de Jurate, created in 1540. There are several scenes in another altarpiece that show the life of the Virgin Mary, San Joaquin, and Santa Ana, done by the Flemish artist Pedro de Campaña. The Santissimo Cristo del Socorro was created by Andres de Ocampo in 1620, while the Lauda Sepulcral was created by Iñigo Lopez in 1503.