Best Tapas Places in Seville

If you're unfamiliar with tapas bars there are a few things you need to know before you set out on a tapas tour of Seville! Bars offering these foods usually open late in the morning, close around 5 after lunch, then don't open again for the evening until at the earliest about 8 then stay open till the early hours! Obviously the most popular ones fill up pretty quickly and if you want a table outside you often have to wait a while. Many locals just consume food and drinks at the bar. Note: In some bars and restaurants they may only serve tapas at the bar, while you can order larger plates of food (see below) at the tables.  Also, do not limit yourself to tapas bars when searching for tapas - some of Seville's best tapas are served at full service restaurants, where you can enjoy tapas at the bar. 

Tapas bars often offer, in addition to tapas - the small portions, medium portions (media raciones) and full sized portions (raciones) with different prices of the same dish. You can mix and match and share them however you fancy. House wines are often pretty good and sometimes it's cheaper to have a few glasses a head of this (around 2 euros a glass) rather than a bottle of often more expensive wine from the list.

To see photos and descriptions of tapas bars and restaurants in Seville see .  For an additional listing of tapas bars you can also refer to:  There are apparently over 1000 of them in the city so you won't go hungry wherever you are! Look out for those frequented by mainly Spanish speaking customers to find the most authentic ones. Los Coloniales at Plaza Cristo de Burgos seems to be one of these and Las Teresas at Calle Santa Teresa, 2 in the old town Santa Cruz area is also very popular.

Best Tapas Places in Seville

This list was contributed by a Seville expert Betis1.

1. El Rinconcillo Calle Gerona, 42  Tel: 954-220-099

2. Bar Ajo Blanco Calle Alhondiga, 19  Tel: 954-229-320

3. Bar Manolo Plaza de la Alfalfa, 3  Tel: 954-214-176

4. Bar Kiko Herbolarios, 17  Tel: 954-215-177

5. Habanita Restaurant Calle Golfo, 3 Tel: 954-219-516

6. Blanco Cerillo Calle Jose de Velilla, 1 Tel: 954-227-384

7. La Flor de mi Viña Calle Jose de Velilla, 7 Tel: 954-564-252

8. Bar Santa Marta Plaza San Andres

9. Pizzeria Zarabanda Calle Padre Tarin, 6  Tel: 954-380-590 

10. La Madraza Calle Peris Mencheta, 21 Tel: 954-908-188

11. Alcoy 10 Calle Teodosio. 10 Tel: 954-905-702

12. Las Columnas  Alameda De Hércules, 19 Tel: 954-388-106

13. Antigua Casa de la Viuda- Calle Albareda, 2 - Tel: 954-215-420

14. Mordisco Tapas. Calle Harinas 13. 954 21 86 36 (Now closed per Tripadvisor)

This tapas place has a three-inch high tortilla de patatas that includes green peppers. Very delicious. The restaurant is quite inexpensive.

 Bar Los Claveles, which was closed for renovation for the last two years but has reopened. It is kitty corner to bar Rinconcillo and  is the BEST tapas in Seville. The bacalao with salmorejo montadito is outstanding. Go.