The nearby Málaga airport is only about 5 km from Torremolinos and services both national and international flights.  There are plenty of taxis to take visitors into the city, it's not too expensive and only takes about 15 minutes.

There are also buses and trains that service Torremolinos.  The trains service many of the local communities outside of Malaga. In Torremolinos the train station (95 236 02 02) is on Paseo de la Nogalera, Just off Calle San Miguel.  The city bus station (95 238 24 19) is a short walk east of the centre on Calle Hoyo.

Car rental is another option and there are several rental agencies located at the airport as well. The N340 highway will get you into the city. 

The Malaga Airport Guide has lots of information on flights and transportation to and from the airport.

Advice for rail passengers:

In Torremolinos the train line runs underground  through the town and the station is located beneath Plaza Nogalera. Unfortunately, Torremolinos is the only train station on the Malaga - Fuengirola line that does not have lift and/or escalator access to the booking hall and platforms. This can be a nightmare for many passengers.

The only escalator goes up from the booking hall to the Plaza. Access down to the booking hall from the plaza is by a steep descent of thirty-eight steps. The platform for trains to Malaga is reached via the underpass which requires the passenger to descend a further twenty-three steps, walk through the underpass and then ascend another twenty-three steps up to the platform. For trains arriving from Fuengirola there is an alternative exit with thirty-seven steps up to the plaza - no escalator.

Imagine trying to do this if you are elderly or traveling with a child or pushing a pram or carrying heavy luggage. It is totally impossible for passengers in a wheelchair.

When traveling between Torremolinos and Malaga airport the best option is to take a taxi which takes ten minutes and costs typically 17 - 20 Euros.