There are a wide range of excellent dining options for Marbella visitors, but the item not to be missed is tapas.  Translating to “snack” in English, tapas are a popular Spanish accompaniment to the consumption of alcohol and are so popular that there are a number of tapas bars specializing in them.  The actual food making up tapas can be anything ranging from olives and cheese to mini-quesadillas.  What’s great about these is that the price of the tapas is included in the price of the drinks purchased at the bar.

Popular tapas bars in Marbella include:

  • El Burlaero
  • En Ca Curro
  • Gorky
  • La Bodeguita Marbelli
  • La Cerveceria
  • La Querencia
  • La Sacristia
  • La Venecia de los Olivos
  • Tasca Don Matute

In addition to tapas, there is a range of traditional Spanish food in Marbella which should be enjoyed throughout any visit to the area.  The local restaurants are all safe to eat in so tourists should not be afraid to venture out and get their palettes wet dipping in to the ocean of fresh food available.  More information about different dining options can be obtained online at .

Visitors interested in other types of food besides traditional Spanish dishes have an array of restaurants to choose from.   Fast food chains are also beginning to pop up all over Marbella.   For visitors staying in housing which allows guests to prepare their own food, local markets and supermarkets are readily available.   It is appropriate to bargain some with store owners at local markets.