Shopping is a favorite activity of tourists on vacation anywhere and people visiting Marbella are no exception.  Marbella offers a combination of shopping malls and specialty stores for visitors to purchase needed items, gifts for family members and local handicrafts to commemorate their trips.  The La Canada Shopping Center is the most popular mall in Marbella.  More information about shopping in Marbella is available at  

One of the most popular items shopped for in Marbella is new clothing.  Offering fashionable European style at rates which are lower than those of many other European cities, the fashion stores in Marbella are enjoyed by visitors from all over the world.  Some favorites include:

  • Bally, located at Calle Nueva 7, is a great place for women to buy purses and accessories.
  • Berdaguer, located at Calle Ramiro Campos Turmo 10 is a store where men can get new clothes during their Marbella stay.
  • Doda, located at Calle Pantaleon 7, is the spot for designer clothes
  • El Caballo, located at Avenida Ricardo Soriano, is a specialty store for equestrians.
  • Déjà Vu , located at Calle Pedraza 8 is for vintage and  semi-new designer clothing and antiques
  • D· Oliva.for hundreds of types of olive oil ! C/ Nueva, 9..

Visitors seeking a bit of the flavor of Old Time Spanish Shopping should duck in to the smaller alleyways and off-the-beaten path roads to find local stores.  These stores are good not only for picking up local items to take back home but also for getting discounted rates on items which are needed for use during the time spent in Marbella.