The best method of public transportation for visitors to use in Marbella is the public bus system.  The buses run through all the major towns in Andalucia and are the main method of transportation to al surrounding villages as well as the main method of getting to Spain’s capital city of Madrid.  The Marbella bus station is located on Ave del Trapiche in northern Marbella.  Additional information about the Marbella bus system is available online at .

For information on the excellent shuttle bus service operating between Malaga airport and Marbella bus station, check out the timetable at

Another popular option in terms of public transportation, particularly between Marbella and other nearby areas, is the railway system.  There are three types of railways in the area: high speed, long distance and the Talgo 200 which is used to get from Marbella to Madrid.  More information is available at  

Tourists who are interested in using public transportation to see a bit of Marbella and maybe get some more information about the area may enjoy the tourist train, which offers a twenty minute ride starting at El Faro Street and traveling around the area.   The fare is inexpensive and children under five ride free, making this a terrific public transportation option for families traveling together.   Taxis are also an option for getting around the city.   More information on taxis is available at .