Most people traveling to Marbella fly in to the Malaga Airport, an international airport located eight kilometers west of Malaga. Information about the Malaga Airport as well as other airports in the area can be found online.  Upon arrival at the Malaga airport, visitors can rent a car to take to their hotel destination, using highway A7 and then AP7 to get to Marbella.  Visitors who do not wish to rent a car can hire a taxi or take a train or bus from the Malaga Airport to Marbella.

Other than by plane, tourists trying to reach Marbella can do so via train, bus or car.  The train system, RENFE ( runs daily throughout Spain and is considered to be an efficient and effective method of travel from other areas to Marbella.  The bus is another option, but it should be noted that travelers will take a bus from their point of origin to the bus station in Malaga and will then need to transfer to a Malaga-Marbella bus.  Drivers trying to reach Marbella by car will most likely want to take N-340, although A7/AP7 is another option.