Foreign travel can sometimes be overwhelming for people who have concerns about safety issues when visiting new places.  Visitors to Marbella can generally relax and enjoy their vacations without having to worry about crime in the area.  Of course, common sense precautions must always be taken when traveling anywhere, especially in a foreign country, but visitors should know that violent crime against tourists is rare in Marbella and non-violent crime is not a major problem.

The main safety concern in terms of crime in Marbella is petty theft in the form of pick pocketing and purse snatching.  Neither of these are very common occurrences and standard safety precautions should prevent problems.  Public transportation and high-traffic public areas are the two places most likely for these problems to occur so visitors should remain on high alert when traversing these locations.

The main safety concerns for travelers in Marbella are actually those unrelated to crime.  Primarily, water safety and weather safety are the issues for tourists to concern themselves with.  Many people spend much more time out in the sun during their Marbella vacation than they do during the normal course of their lives and so risk sunburn and dehydration.  Normal weather precautions should be taken to prevent problems associated with these issues.