One of the main reasons to visit Europe is to get a taste of the abundance of ancient architecture which just doesn’t exist beyond in say, places such as the so called new world. Marbella is an excellent place for visitors who are interested in seeing old buildings and historic sites.  Just walking around Marbella, travelers are able to get a sense of what ancient Spain must have felt like.  The best method of getting a feel for the area is just to wander around, getting lost down alleys while looking at the architecture

The main area to see historic buildings is Orange Square, located in the center of old town Marbella, which includes three historic buildings along with houses old-architecture houses which are worth checking out.  The square itself was originally established in 1485. The historic buildings are the Chapel of Santiago, the town hall, and the old governor’s house.  To the right of the governor’s house is an exquisite stone fountain which has been in the area since the early sixteenth century. 

The Santo Cristo de la Vera Cruz Square and Chapel is another area to be checked out for its display of ancient Spanish architecture.  The façade of the chapel highlights the traditional whitewash for which old buildings in Marbella are known.