Via public transportation:  Travelers can use the city’s bus system to get around Malaga.  The system is efficient and inexpensive and frequently used by tourists in the area.  Trains are another public transportation option which visitors often find useful for getting around Malaga.  More information about public transportation in Malaga is available at .

Via taxi:  Travelers will find that taxis are another good option for getting around Malaga.  Taxis can be hailed easily on the streets and are generally inexpensive.  Drivers usually speak English and are sometimes available for tours.  More information about taxi service in Malaga is available at .

Via car:  Many travelers do opt to rent cars for travel around Malaga.  While this is not a necessity, it is also not problematic, so travelers who wish to drive themselves will find this to be a viable option.  Additional information about car rental is available at . Travelers who rent cars usually do so upon arrival at the airport.  More information about arrival is available at .

Via self-transport:   Travelers may find that it is convenient to walk to many places in Malaga .   It is generally considered safe to do so, especially during the daytime hours.   The weather in Malaga ( ) makes it possible to take advantage of this option all throughout the year.

Via bicycle:   many airline companies make possible to bring your own bicycle. Who want to save the money, can rent the bicycles in one of the Malaga's bike rental companies. More information about bike hire service is available at (