El Pimpi

El Pimpi is located at  Calle Granada, 62. It is a famous restaurant that many times has guitar music, and always has Spanish music playing in the background. This is a historic restaurant and bar and is decorated with big posters of bullfights and Malaga scenes. At one corner of the restaurant is the Barrels Hall, with a collection of wine barrels from the Bodega Malaga Virgen (served in the restaurant) ,and each one is signed by celebrities, such as the Duchess of Alba, Paloma Picasso, Carmen Thyssen, Lola Flores, Paul and Bernard Picasso, and Antonio Banderas. Bodega Malaga Virgen won the Best Winery in Andalusia Award for 2011.

The restaurant is decorated in traditional Andalusia style, and has colorful patios with potted flowering plants and geraniums. There is beautiful ceramic tile on the walls. It is one of the most famous tapas places in the Costa del Sol, and a must see for many tourists. The ambiance is overwhelmingly Andalusian. The restaurant is one that has soul, and many famous artists, writers, and poets have performed in the restaurant. Four movies have been filmed in the restaurant too. The restaurant has been the scene where many famous flamenco dancers and singers have given performances. Their names are written by the door leading to the outside terrace.

Many years ago there were youths at the port who helped the crews and passengers of the ships that arrived. They were called “pimpis”. Later they became the first tourist guides of the city. That gave name to this restaurant. The building dates to the 18th century. At the top of the building there is a salon called “El Palomar”, which has beautiful views at night of the lighted Alcazaba and Roman Theater. The restaurant was founded in 1971 by Francisco Campos and Jose Cobos, both from Cordoba. Their dream was to live in Malaga.

One has a wide choice of what to drink, and the menu lists all the choices. The new menu card is very beautiful and colorful, and was designed by the local artist Tomas Egea. If one wants to eat, the porra (thick tomato soup from Antequera) is very good. There is also a plato combinado with tortilla, pimiento asados, and carne a la sal. There is a wide variety of fish and meat dishes. The boquerones fritos and the carrillada de ternera are especially good. The service is very friendly. The best thing is that the restaurant is moderately priced.

The outside terrace is a very pleasant place to have lunch or tapas. It has a very wonderful view of the Alcazaba and the Roman Theater. There are few places in Spain where you can see two monuments at one time while you are eating. The view is worth 1 million euros!

Tel: 952- 228-990   

Web: http://www.bodegabarelpimpi.com/           

Hours: 11:00 to 02:00H. Lunch is served at 12:00H.

Try the outstanding Moscatel Iberia wine here. This wine is made by the Malaga Virgen Wine Co. especially for El Pimpi.


The entrance on Calle Granada.


The indoor patio at the entrance.


A salon near the entrance.


The barrels of wine signed by famous people. 


The bar. 


One of the restaurant rooms.


The colorful posters that decorate the restaurant.


The entrance to the exterior patio near the Roman Theater.



The entrance to the restaurant from the exterior patio.


El Pimpi Marinero 

El Pimpi Marinero is a new annex to the restaurant and one enters it through the patio of the restaurant facing the Roman Theater. The menu is geared to those who love seafood. The decoration of the annex has a theme of the sea and there is a small boat hung from one part of the ceiling. There are fishing nets on the walls and two tables have small table lamps that resemble the lighthouse of Malaga. The restaurant is beautiful and has plenty of light. One can also ask for the regular menu besides the seafood menu. 

The seafood menu includes ostras gallegas (oysters from Galicia), gambas (prawns), camarones (shrimps), mejillones (mussels), caracolas (snails), and cigalitas (crawfish).


The exterior of El Pimpi Marinero.


A view of the second floor.


A view of the second floor.


Some of the interior decoration by local artist Tomas Egea.


A decoration in the elevator by local artist Tomas Egea.