Church of San Agustin 

The Church of San Agustin is located on Calle San Agustin, and is beside the Picasso Museum. The church dates from the 17th century, has a classic Baroque facade, and has three naves. The last restoration of the church occurred in 1933 and 2003. There are five simple side altars on the naves on the side. This church is not particularly large, but it has a tranquil beauty. The main nave is adorned with Corinthian pilasters which make the church look very attractive. There is a cupola over the main altar. The main altar is quite simple and has a lot of red marble construction and Corinthian columns. The altar table is made of agate. This was designed by the architect Jose Martin de Aldehuela in 1798 and made by Antonio Vilchez. On top of the altar there is a big sculpture of San Agustin, constructed after the Civil War by the artist Padre Felix Granda Buylla. The pulpit is made of red marble. There is a choir on the second floor balcony at the entrance to the church. The crypt below the main altar contains the tombs of the Heredia and Larios Families, who were prominent in Malaga's history in the 19th century. Beside the main altar is the painting of San Juan de Dios, by the artist Niño de Guevara. There is a statue of the Virgen de las Angustias y Soledad that was created by Fernando Ortiz. This is one of Malaga's most beautiful churches.