Malaga Left Luggage Facility

There is a left luggage facility (consigna in Spanish) at Vialia (Maria Zambrano Station) which is open from 7am until 11pm.

The left luggage facility is located on the left side, as one enters the main door of Vialia. It is beside the entrance from the Calle Heroe de Sostoa entrance.

Look at this map:

Look at Page 3, magnify to 100%. Look for No. 62 (Consigna).

1. All bags including handbags need to go through the security scanner.

2.Choose which size of a locker (facility price is not per bag but per locker ie. small, medium, large or golf bag sized locker.

3.It's all self service so choose your locker could probably get 2 medium suitcases in a Medium locker which costs €3.60 or in the Grande / Big locker which cost €5.20  (there is a change machine) per 24 hours or part of. ie: 1 hour over the 24 means a 10€ bill. There is an attendant to assist if required.  The golf bag size costs €10.20.

4. Please note. Once you put your bags in a locker, close the door until it locks. Activate the "Pay Now Function" with the number of the locker displayed in the top right hand corner of the panel (Puerta 3 ie. Door 3 in whatever section ). Take a note of the number of the locker and go to one of the key in number can select English for the instructions.

You must not let anyone else put money (5 euros) in at this point or they will get the ticket for your locker. Only when the locker locks can you put money in through the slot. The door will open again if you do not pay or get it wrong!

5. Once you put in the amount then take the ticket from above the panel. Do not lose it.

6. Once you come back punch the number into the key panel and the locker will open. The whole process is probably easier with two people.

7. If the panels don't work the bay of lockers (probably closest to the entrance are full. Press the 2nd button down on the left to get the English instructions including the 'full' message.

This procedure has been contributed by Chareybrownni.