Day Trip to Nerja Caves by Bus

One can get a bus from the Port to the Caves (note that only buses marked CUEVAS DE NERJA go as far as the Caves that are 4 kilometers east of Nerja at Maro). One can book a return ticket ´IDA Y VUELTA´ that costs €8.79 per person. Admission to the Caves is €10 per person.

Buses run from the Port at:

07.00 arriving at the Caves 08.40 (the Caves do not open until 09.00!)

08.15 arriving at the Caves 09.55

09.15 arriving at the Caves 10.55

10.30 arriving at the Caves 11.45

11.00 arriving at the Caves 13.25

Return buses leave the Caves at:

13.30 arriving in Malaga at 15.10

14.45 arriving in Malaga at 16.25

16.15 arriving in Malaga at 17.30

17.00 arriving in Malaga at 18.40

Buses from Nerja center leave at:

13.40, 14.30, 14.55, 16.25, 17.00, 17.10, 18.10, 18.40, 19.00 and 20.15

See for details.

Allowing for time to go round the Caves one may be pushed for time going into Nerja town too. To do this one would have to get a taxi from the Caves then pick the bus up at the main Nerja stop on Avenida Pescia to return to Malaga. One can use one's original Ida y Vuelta ticket to the Caves when returning from Nerja center.

Thanks to Casaianda for information on the bus schedules.

Timetables for the Caves:

Guided tour from 09:00am to 4:00pm. LAST ACCESS, visit at 3:00pm

AnyFrom 09:00am to 6:30pm, LAST ACCESS 5:30pm

Closed: January 1 and May 15.


In 1959 five boys from Maro, near Nerja, were exploring and found by chance the caves of Nerja. The caves were opened to the public the next year. In 1970 the authorities discovered the upper and new galleries. The Caves of Nerja are now a National Monument. They consist of crystalline dolomites. These caves are some of the most beautiful caves in Europe.

The cave is about 4200m long but only the Low Galleries can be visited. There are eight rooms in total. The Room of the Cataclysm has the largest column in the world, which is 49m high, and with a diameter of 18m.

The Room of the Cascade has a stage and 600 seats and every August the room is used for the Festival of Music and Dance. The Torca Chamber has cave paintings of animals. The Lobby has a display of human remains, tools and ceramics found in the caves. The Chamber of the Elephant’s Tusk has beautiful views of stalactites and stalagmites.