Before traveling to Costa del Sol ... read on to learn a little bit more about it! Since Costa del Sol is a touristy area, most everything that a visitor could want or need is located here. However, if traveling from a foreign country to Spain , there are some customs, rules and regulations that are different from other countries.

In all of Spain , the currency used is called the “Euro.” The currency in Spain prior to 2002 was called the “Peseta,” but it is no longer used or accepted.

Credit cards are widely used by tourists and most forms are accepted. However, there are some places where tourists cannot use American Express or Diners Club.

Visitors can usually use traveler’s checks in the touristy areas without any problems, but they are not widely accepted in the non-touristy areas.

An electrical converter may be needed for small electronics or appliances that tourists bring from the United States . Converters are available in many stores within the United States and Spain .

If a tourist needs the services of a post office while in Costa del Sol , be sure to remember that they normally open at 8:30 in the morning and close at 2 in the afternoon.