Planning a vacation to Costa del Sol and worried that there will be nothing to do at night?  Think again. Costa del Sol is a place where tourism is very important, and tourists are sure to have a good time during both the day and night when they come here.

Restaurants: There are many, many restaurants in Costa del Sol that tourists enjoy. The variety is countless… from restaurants that feature karaoke, to upscale fine dining, to small family-owned holes in the wall… there is something for everyone.

Bars: The bars in Costa del Sol are as varied as the restaurants. There are discos for people who love to dance, tapas bars where people can go for some snacks and a glass of wine, and bars that resemble English pubs.

Casino: The casino in Costa del Sol is inside the Torrequebrada. The Torrequebrada is more than just a casino… it’s a luxury hotel, a place to play golf, a place to eat and an all-around “holiday center.” This is a place where tourists can stay in the hotel and enjoy all of its amenities, or visitors can come to the hotel and casino and spend time gambling or watching a live show.