Costa del Sol is the most popular place in all of Spain for tourists to visit. People from within Spain as well as tourist from near and far countries visit Costa del Sol because it is located in a part of the world that has a great climate, nice beaches, and a relaxing atmosphere.

The overall climate in Costa del Sol can be summed up in a single word… MILD. On average, the area is only cloudy about 60-65 day a year, and the rest of the days are filled with lots of sunshine. The summers in Costa del Sol can be very sunny with no clouds in sight, which means the weather can get hot. Sometimes, Costa del Sol does not see any raindrops for up to seven straight months!

During the winter, most people are comfortable wearing shorts, and the days and evenings have very enjoyable and pleasant temperatures. During the spring and fall, the weather is usually breezy and very comfortable. While most tourists flock to Costa del Sol during the summer months, tourism is strong all year round. Because of the mild weather, festivals and events can take place outdoors during any month of the year.