The culture of the Andalusia region of Spain was most highly influenced by the Muslim Moors who governed the region for almost 800 years until the late 1400's.  During the time of the Moors' reign, the region flourished culturally with new music, art, and theatre.  Technological advances were made, and a tradition of intellectual growth and nurture was founded.  Many of these cultural advances laid the groundwork for Andalusia's culture today which is known for its art, dance and music in particular.  In 1790 the guitar was invented in Andalusia when innovative musicians added an extra string to a Moorish lute.  Less than 100 years later Flamenco music and ballet was born, showcasing the new instrument.   Andalusia has also been home to  many famous artists including Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali. 

The Moors also introduced several new ideas to Europe through their universities in Seville, Granada, and Cordoba including the mathematical concept of zero and several other concepts in physics and medicine that were so influential that they eventually led to the founding of Europe's first universities.