Travelers will be happy to know that, in comparison with many travel destinations, Leipzig has a relatively moderate climate.  The winters can get somewhat cold, but the average winter temperature rarely drops below the freezing point (thirty two degrees Fahrenheit or zero degrees Celsius).

Although it is possible to travel to Leipzig year round, the summer is the best time to go.   The average temperature during the hottest of the summer months (July and August) is just sixty five degrees, making this an excellent getaway spot from hotter locations all throughout the world.   Summer is also excellent in Leipzig because this is the time when a number of local events are going on there, including one of the most attended events of the year, the Street Music Festival.   (More information on area events is available online at .

The only drawback to traveling to the area in the summer is that the summer is the rainy season in Leipzig.  However, it does not rain too much in the area.  The wettest months may see four or five inches of rain.  Annual rainfall is only approximately thirty inches.

Updated weather information for Leipzig, including short term forecasts, is available online at .

Leipzig Weather - 5 Day Forecast