Saurier Park

    This is a dinosaur park located in nearby Bautzen. It features plastic behemoths that are representations of dinosaurs as they were imagined in the 1980s. As such, the dinosaurs are not accurately rendered, but this place should be visited more for the kitsch value—if that's the kind of thing you like—than for the educational experience. Kids will especially be delighted, as there are many activities geared toward the younger set. These include numerous jungle gyms where one can swing from rope ladders like a prehistoric monkey; a giant puzzle inside of a large egg-like structure; and a sandbox where you can dig for dinosaur "fossils." 

    The park is located in a pleasant countryside, surrounded by farms. There are refreshment booths where you can buy snacks like ice cream, perfect if you are visiting during the middle of summer. Also, adjacent to Saurier Park is a hedge maze in which you can get lost and which will add another half-hour of enjoyment to your excursion.

    Saurier Park is located 4 km north of Bautzen on route B96, just east of Dresden. Admission is 8 euros for adults, 5 for children or 19 for families. The park is open April through November from 9 am to 6 pm, and stays open until 7 pm June, July and August. If you can read German or want to try to decipher it anyway, the web site is here.