The Rhine city of Mainz is a city of religion, history, and wine.  Its nostalgic Old Town of Baroque and Rococo architecture show off some of its best boutiques, churches, and homes.  It is a town center representative of the commerce, culture, and heritage for which Mainz is known—when visiting Mainz, the Old Town area should be your first stop and a multiple day trip consisting of moseying between sites and stores in an embrace of all the city has to offer.

Old Town’s Augustiner Street is the main strip of hotspot shops, sporting the some of the city’s best retail and winehouses.  Go here for some great handicrafts, toys, arts, leatherwork, or souvenirs.  The Augustiner Church, located here, is one of the few that remained unscathed from the bomb shells of World War II.

St. Ignaz Church, built at the end of the eighteenth-century, is a blend of Rococo and Classical architectural styles and is one of the most picturesque religious sites in the region; the Romanesque Cathedral is, however, the most formidable of Christian monuments in Mainz, a structure of seven towers constructed over a thousand years ago.

As for museums, an excellent starting point would be the Landesmuseum of Art , which contains various collections of masterpieces, including an array of artifacts of the late Roman Empire.  The Natural History Museum, dedicated to geology and earth science, makes for a great family excursion, as does the Museum of Ancient Sea Travel, and the Roman-Germanic Museum provides one of the best glimpses into the pre-medieval past, thanks to its wondrous exhibits on regional prehistory and Roman heritage.