Koblenz is a very safe place for both visitors and residents alike.  Its remote location is remarkably free from the crime that seems to plague some of Germany's larger cities.  The safety tips that visitors to Koblenz should try to follow have much more to do with the area's weather than with anything else:  People who visit the Koblenz region of the Rhine River Valley during the winter months should be especially careful and cautious while driving.  The area can at times get a large amount of snowfall and/or ice which can make driving hazardous.  If you plan on driving in the area, especially during the winter, be sure that you have read an up-to-date weather forecast and that you know exactly where you are going.  If snow happens to be in the forecast for when you are traveling, be sure to check the road conditions frequently.  No one wants to be caught on the road driving in the region during bad weather.