The people who live in Dortmund are very interested in exercising, participating in sports, and being fans of sports teams.   The city has more than 500 sports clubs where residents go on a regular basis. Kids as well as adults can be seen regularly participating in some way, shape, or form in any number of different sports.

The most popular sports played in Dortmund are football, gymnastics and swimming. While tourists will obviously not be on a local Dortmund team, they can most certainly watch many of the locals competing in their respective sport(s). By attending any sporting event, a tourist is likely to get a good feel for how sports-oriented this city is. Fans are very loyal to their favorite teams, and they regularly attend games and competitions to support their favorites.

Dortmund has an Olympic sports complex called, “Westfalenhallen” which is where many large-scale sporting events take place. This complex is one of the biggest in the entire continent of Europe, so world championship competitions often take place here. The center has been known to host gymnastics competitions, football games, hockey games, basketball games, and more.

The city also has many public parks and areas for tourists to walk or bike. There are also public golf courses available.