The German people are known for their love of sports and physical fitness and Aachen fits right into that mold.  The city is home to over 200 different sports clubs offering everything from yoga to horse back riding.  The city also has several ice rinks, golf courses, tennis courts and gyms.  Most people in the city belong to some type of sports organization, and many of the cities facilities are open to visitors.  Most hotels have information on sports clubs and gyms in their areas.

Professional sports also have a prominent place in Aachen, one of the most popular being football, or soccer.  The city's team, Alemannia, whose home games are played at Tivoli Stadium, is very popular with the locals.  Horse jumping is also popular here, with several professional events being held in the city each year.  In 2006 Aachen was also host to the World Equestrian Games.