Frankfurt is a sports-loving town. here's the run-down:

Frankfurt sports clubs - The Big Three (Football, Icehockey, Basketball)

 The local football team Eintracht Frankfurt (Bundesliga) sells out more often than not and is known for its enthusiastic fans.  The Waldstadion aka Commerzbank Arena is also one of the nicer stadiums in Europe right now, as it was completely rebuilt during the football World Cup 2006. One of the most exciting things to happen in Frankfurt in recent years has been hosting the 2006 FIFA World Cup. Even though the matches have been spread all throughout Germany, many of the games have been played in Frankfurt. This has done wonders for the moral and pride of the city. There are fabulous facilities with impeccable service, and they are drawing in hundreds of thousands of fans an well-wishers each day.  Soccer is a sport that is taken very seriously in Europe, and Germany is no exception.

There is also a large contingent of hockey fans in the area (Frankfurt Lions), and there are plenty of young stars on the rise. In recent years, many German basketball players (Deutsche Bank Skyliners) have found success in America, and this has caused a rise in the number of youths playing the sport.

The Big Events During the Year - Hotels will be fully booked

 As for big sporting events, here is a ranking for the year (exact dates to follow):

1) JP Morgan Chase (the biggest race in the world!); open to all; the corporate initiative value the teambuilding and partying aspect of this race; companies wear their designed corporate identity shirts

2) European Iron Man Competition

3) Henninger Turm Bike Race; very traditional bike tour through the heart of Frankfurt and the surrounding Taunus mountains; almost all the big name teams are present

4) Frankfurt Marathon; all big names will be present

5) Komen Race for the Cure

 There are many smaller events and competitions. Inlineskaters have a weekly skating date through the city during the summer (escorted by police). Also several boat races are held (dragon boats, rowing, etc) especially during the summer festivals.

The Main River Promenade is the "biggie" (for joggers, bikers, skaters, rowers)

Frankfurt is also a paradise for joggers (along the Main, in Grüneburgpark, Stadtwald) and bikers (beautiful trails through the Taunus or along the Main towards Mainz or Hanau). In general, the Main is the Frankfurters' favorite spot for so many activities. If you plan to do some sports while visiting, simply go to the Main promenade.

Still a Rowing Capital

Rowing has a long-standing tradition in Frankfurt. In the 19th century it was Germany's rowing mecca as the Main has ideal conditions (not too wide, windy or unpredictable). Although Berlin and Hamburg now are the predominant rowing capitals, Frankfurt has an abundance of rowing clubs (Germania being one of the standouts in Germany). During the summer the Main looks like a rower's convention.

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