Germany Tourism

If you plan on taking the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund (Frankfurt Public Transportation System), you should make sure you check all of the local schedules beforehand.  If you want to take the trains, you can buy tickets almost anywhere in the city for a pretty low cost. The trains are a great way to get around Frankfurt because they are fast, safe, and easy to use. The maps are very helpful and employees of the system are more than willing to help you if you can't find your way. Another option is to use the bus system, which is also a nice alternative. The bus system has its own route that is different from the train system, but the cost is about the same. You can also buy bus tickets in the same locations as the trains, but you can buy bus tickets on the buses as well. Depending on how long you are staying, you can buy tickets that will get you multiple uses, sometimes just a few, but sometimes for up to a week or more. This ends up saving you money in the long run if you will be in the city for a while.

RMV ticket scheme and ticket machines 

Buses, trams, underground lines, S-Bahn and local trains all operate under the RMV umbrella, so one ticket covers your whole trip, even if it involves a change of your means of transport. NB: Backtracking is not allowed on a single-trip ticket and long distance trains (IR, IC, ICE) are not covered by the RMV local public transport tickets. Public transport works on the (semi) honour system. You are expected to have a valid ticket when traveling by public transport and spot checks by plainclothes ticket inspectors are carried out at random. Traveling without a valid ticket carries a fine of 40 EUR.

If travelling inside Frankfurt, just press the red button marked "Stadtgebiet Frankfurt" on the greenish ticket vending machines. You can also switch these machines into English and other languages by pressing the black "flag" button near the top of the machines. Tickets purchased from a machine are valid for immediate travel, carnet books of tickets are not available.

Riding to/from the airport 

Frankfurt International airport is just outside the city centre, an 11 minute train ride on a local train or S-Bahn from Frankfurt Central Station (Hauptbahnhof). The German Rail timetable website gives details, just enter F for Frankfurt Central station and FRA for Frankfurt airport in the search forms.