Taking the train for medium-distance travel inside Germany is a popular way to travel – especially with the World Cup series underway.  Here are some helpful tips for rail-bound travelers from Cologne to Frankfurt. 

Depending on the type of train, it takes between 1.5 to 2.5 hours to travel from Cologne to Frankfurt. Ticket prices vary, from 36 to 55 euro per person.   For travelers arriving into Cologne by air and wishing to travel directly from the airport to Frankfurt, there are two rail routes – one is the high-speed route the other scenic:

  • 1.    The high-speed train (that travels up to 300 kilometers-per-hour) operates the ICE trains.  A single ticket for 2nd class travel is 55,00   euro.
  • 2.    The scenic route takes passengers through the Middle Rhine Valley; it’s slower and less expensive, but really very beautiful.  For timetables go to http://www.welterbe-mittelrheintal.de/
  • Examples of fares via Koblenz:  ICE train =  40,00 euro;   IC/EC = 36,00 euro;  RE 29.80 euro. 

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